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 Business Consultancy


We offer our clients top quality professional services, with a personal touch. 

  Our expertise will guide you how to increase your business’ profitability by focusing on key areas

  •       Reducing costs-without compromising the quality of your products/services

  •        Increasing turnover

  •       Increasing productivity

  •       Increasing efficiency

  •       Expand into new market sectors

  •       Develop new products or services



         Have you looked at your key cost areas?

Our consultancy solutions are designed to provide you the best to overcome challenges, increase efficiencies, profit, and growth.


What do we offer/provide?


  • Highly recommended best comparative Freight Rates and Service Providers. (Door-to-Door or Port-to-Port Service)

  • Best Providers of the Storage facility, 3PL, warehouse activities 

  • Recommended the best Transportation, Fumigation, and packing.

  •  Best International removals.

  •  Affordable  Software Package for shipping and logistics companies.

  •  End-to-end solutions to International Exhibitors for setting up event/exhibitions.

  •  Back Office set up  and  outsourcing arrangements

  •  Shipping operation /documentation/accounts for third party services/resources

  • Strongly recommended work-based training modules are customized to meet new job profiles in the logistics industry, particularly in Liner and Freight Industry.

We Do


  • Company’s SWOT analysis

  • Competitive position

  •  Market analysis

  • Marketing plan

  • Cost / Benefit analysis

  • Professional advice on operational techniques and marketing

  •  ‘SOP’ and working flow-chart for Shipping & Logistics

  •  Exports and Imports procedures and process

  • Simplify your business operations.

We Consider the Pareto principle (80/20 rule)

 In simple terms, applying the Pareto principle suggests that around 80 per cent of your profit is gained from 20 per cent of your products or services. The same percentage of profit is often also gained from the same percentage of customers.

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